Week 2

To be frank, this is out of my comfort zone.


I picture creating a blog; is like being the Fairy Godmother and waving her wand to turn this boring piece of the internet into a magical and fantastic world.


When in reality, whenever I create a blog post; it more feels like that scene in Emperor’s New Groove. Where somebody else has pulled the lever and I have been swept off my feet into the abyss of nothingness.



To stop myself from asking the same question as Yzma every time; I have challenged myself this semester to try and create a successful blog. I have always been incredibly hesitant to create a full online profile. I have Facebook, which I primarily use to keep in touch with my friends. My Facebook page has little to no details about my life; nor my professional online identity. My Tumblr is in a similar situation and is more used as a source of inspiration rather then a way to view my portfolio. This unit I will be fixing that and facing my fear by diving head first into the online world.

Instead of taking my regular ‘observer’ position, I will be creating and updating my blog weekly with new content; while commenting on at least three other blogs through the Google + forum. While previously, I have always kept and preferred unit interactions to be in the unit spaces; I will be making an attempt this semester to spread my interactions through different online mediums. My first big challenge this week was learning how to use WordPress and Google + effectively. After tinkering with it for a while; I am incredibly happy with my theme. In the future, I hope to develop my blog further to create an online identity which I feel represents me.

Hopefully by the end of the unit, I will be rewarded with my own beautiful piece of the internet.

Feel free to comment below and start a discussion.

P.S The gifs are not mine and their sources can be found by clicking on each gif.


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