SUDDENLY a wild Persona appears!

What is a persona and why do I need to know about it?

This was the question facing myself when I first heard the word, persona. It was in peer mentor training and an academic was presenting her research on how to deal with different student personas. I listened, thinking the study was interesting but not making the connection on how important the area was to my study. Flash forward around two weeks later, and suddenly one of my units mentions it. The lecturer talks about how we are going to cover it and I continue to not make the connection between any of the previous learning I had done about the area. Until this week, then suddenly nearly all of my different areas start mentioning personas and how we need along with why we should be using them. a wild Persona appears (reference

I have received two emails to separate discussions about what sort of student personas; in my work, my supervisor has mentioned it and I have had a full workshop about them this week. I must admit I had never made the connection between a user profile or target demographic until the previous workshop; where we were asked to create a persona on our tutor. I can see how a persona is an incredibly important part of a design process and I think that I have lot more research to do on this area before I have to complete a persona on myself for the assignment.

My own graph which I made using Meta Pie:

This week, I also followed the tutors advice and tracked my use of social technology. I have found I am an avid user of Skype, email and Facebook, with occasionally using tumblr and gaming programs to communicate. On a typical day, I usually spend about three over the entire day just scrolling through Facebook looking for creative inspiration through the multiple blogs and companies that I follow while messaging groups and friends to organize my work or just for socializing. Most of the time, I have Facebook open in the background of my desktop and will not check it unless I am looking for something specific or I have heard a notification. I do not usually post to facebook and more use it as a way of communicating with friends who do not have skype or I cannot see in person. I use skype nearly every night; spending anywhere between 1 to 5 hours in a call, while I either work or play games with the other players in the call. We use this as our main mode of communication, as a way of keeping in touch, playing games together and just keeping updated on each others lives. I also always have Battle.Net open. This is a specific gaming client for Blizzard games, which has an inbuilt chat system where you can type messages to one another while spectating their game.

Now for something completely different, I am going to try and use a new medium to communicate next week; just to try and explore.

Talk to you all then.


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