Rough Basic Circuit

During the week, I spent time reading through each guide and understanding how the different arduinos and sound boards work. I also spent some time looking at and trying to understand Capacitors and some of the other terminology I have come across during my research. Below is also a rough circuit guide for how I think my product will eventually work and be connected to one another. While I will not attempt to put all the parts together at this stage, I will be trying to assemble one stage at a time.

PIR Sensor to Board (Leonardo in this case)

5v to 5v

OUT to Pin (7)


Neopixel to Leonardo

+ to (power so I am assuming 5v)

-> to Pin (8)

– to GND

PIR sensor to Sound Board

5V to VIN

OUT to NPN Transmitter (Middle Pin)


Diagram below shows how PIR connects to the Sensor Board


I still am tossing around some thoughts after reading through some of these guides. Especially as the more I think about the idea, I am questioning why am I using Neopixles when LED’s can produce the same colour and get a similar effect. I already know I can get an LED to work with a PIR sensor. As I am not planning on changing the Neopixels colour when it lights up, it seems odd that I would make it harder on myself when I can choose a simple option and get the same result.

Also am thinking that I would like to try and make this project tomorrow; so I will post the results then. I do not know how this will go but it will tick off the basic idea of a getting a sound to work when the motion sensor goes off. I do not have a buzzer with me, so when I visit the store tomorrow; I will collect one then.


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