Reflection on meeting with Supivisor

After discussing my progress with my supervisor, I have redone a list of goals for this week after some testing showed that the PIR sensor would not work through the glass.

My new list of goals for the week are

  •  After getting my buzzer project to work, I am going to try and see if I can attach either a neopixel or soundboard and modify the code to reflect this
  • I am going to solder the headers on to the Soundboard and the Sparkfun boards
  • I am going to do a project with the Soundboard to try and see if I need an amplifier
  • Test the neopixels strings and see which is brighter and whether they are bright enough for the room to create a shadow.

I also have booked into a soldering induction for next week which is great. I also managed to get my buzzer LED alarm working. The biggest problem was that I found that it wasn’t working quite as accurately or as smooth as I would like it. I am going to fiddle around with the sensitivity and try to get rid of the delay.

2015-07-29 10.40.05


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