Update on Project Goals for this week

I completed my soldering work for the week and then tested out the sound on the soundboard. After doing some testing, I determined that I did not need an amplifier; as the sound I got from the board and speaker was quite good already.

20150801_163615  20150801_163609

After I completed these two goals, I have the following goals remaining.

  •  After getting my buzzer project to work, I am going to try and see if I can attach either a neopixel or soundboard and modify the code to reflect this- I am thinking I might even attempt the Halloween scream box because after some reflection I would like to do this just to see the result.
  • Test the neopixels strings and see which is brighter and whether they are bright enough for the room to create a shadow.

I also have been thinking about splitting up the lights and sound following some conversations with my supervisor. I have been thinking that I will have a sensor that watches the door. This one would be closer to the design that I drew in the lst post. It would have a light that is constantly on; but would make a sound when someone walks past. I think I would also have a sensor that when someone walks past, a strip of Neopixels light up or something happens. I am going to draw up some ideas tomorrow. I want to think about this more and develop it. As I feel maybe splitting this parts will archive a better result. That being said, I will experiment with this more when I test the RGB sensors later. I also would like to see whether these sensors work through glass. If they don’t, I will continue to try and find a sensor which does.


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