Research Post

After doing some research on gesture sensors and whether these sensors will work through glass. I have been unable to find any information that supports the idea of these RGB sparkfun sensors being able to. I also had a look into what sort of sensor you would need to accomplish this task.

After doing some research, I have concluded that there isn’t a motion sensor. I am unable to find one, which is able to be connected to an Arduino and will meet my criteria. I feel after completing this research, that my idea needs to change to accommodate for this.

My idea which has now been adapted with this development is looking at the idea of splitting the light and sound element of the interactions. I am thinking I might take the shadows idea and apply it in a different way. I feel that the separation of light and sound will have a better effect.

Light Idea 1, for the windows

I would like to explore the idea of having a PIR sensor on one side of the glass and then a strip of lights running along the bottom of the window and lining up onto the wall. In front of these lights, we could place various bird shapes and have specific colors for each Neopixel to represent that bird. The shadow idea would be incorporated when the lights show the acrylic pieces on the wall. These would be much smaller in scale then the larger door watcher and would more look like almost party lights.  I think I will try to create one “bird” (bird being a shape and a neopixel as a test) for my week 5 point.

Door Watcher

This would invoke the sound element of the project and would possibly have the RGB sensor. I would like to try and see if it was possible to program a different sound depending on what it senses and which direction it sensors that a person approaches from.

But at the same time, I think the PIR sensor will work better for this project as it seems to have a wider range. The shape this would take could be an owl or a kookaburra. I would like to focus on a much more Australian bird. This door watcher would be a larger shape and would sit somewhere in the lab overseeing everything. I might try and add in some light up eyes but for now I would like to have a rough shape worked out for my week 5 project.


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