Creating the Shadow

I spent time working on the basic shape of the bird to create an outline of the shadow. I used foam and drew out my basic kookaburra shape to create a rough outline. This shape is a draft to look at how I might be able to use a similar material to create my shape. I also wanted to create this shape to test how the shadow might look on the wall. It also was a good way to test out the ability to project a 3D shape rather then just a 2D one. I tested this shape with three Neopixels giving off different colors and effects. I found that three was a good amount to create the outline of the shadow needed to get the best bird effect.

20150805_100353 20150805_100403 20150805_120636 20150805_120710 20150805_120802 20150805_120714

I also spent some time experimenting with Photocells to see whether they could be used to create a better way of sensing through the glass. I manged to get this working but I was not able to produce a satisfying result. In the end I had to conclude that this would not work through the glass either. As stated in my last post, I have come to realize that I am better to split the lighting and sound up. While I am probably able to combine them into one circuit; the more I think about it; the idea of having sound plays as someone walks past is not an effective interaction. This will only annoy people, rather then encourage an active interaction with the windows. I think I will focus on making my shadow birds and door watcher work effectively.

20150805_120027 20150805_120015 20150805_120005

After discussing this with my supervisor, I worked out my goals for the next week .

My goals are as follow:

  • Test the gesture sensors
  • Try and work out a test circuit with a sound board, LED and arduino
  • Lazer cut my bird shapes out of acrylic

I have chosen to have only a small amount of goals for this week, as I have a lot of work which will prohibit me from working in the Lab. So I am going to focus on working on my designs, so that when I do visit the lab later in the week I can focus on completing the rest of my goals. I tried to upload videos, but to no avail. I will investigate if there is a way to link them to the blog.


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