What I have archieved over the past couple of days

Over the past couple of days, I have tried to work out the two circuits including the code.

The Shadow Birds (the window birds)

The circuit for the shadow birds involves Neopixels and an Arduino attached to a PIR sensor. I thought to start off, I would just attempt to try and get a single neopixel lighting up when I waved my hand in front of it. After a lot of fiddling and iterations of the code, I worked out a basic circuit and a base version of the code. This code will be modified later after I have finalized my design. I ended up getting this design to work and as you can see from the images and code below, I have created a basic light up motion detector. I am really happy with this as I have completed the first step to complete my project.

20150802_200305 20150802_200309

Code for One Neopixel

Second Circuit

In the second circuit I wanted to create my own version of a sound motion detector. I attempted this through learning more about soldering, various electronic components such as Diodes and capacitors. I also attended the soldering induction to learn more about how to solder at QUT. During the day I tried multiple times to create this circuit. I managed to create it successfully, but then discovered that my circuit had a delay between it playing the sound and recognizing the signal. After trying to figure out the problem, I was able to fix it eventually after redoing the circuit. I don’t think this problem will recur, but if it does I will look at taking the capacitor out.

20150804_141654 20150804_122441


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