Code revisions-Work in Progress Post

With me physically being unable to visit the lab this week, I wanted to focus on the design and code for my two pieces. This post will focus on the revisions I have made to the code for the Door Watcher and the Shadow Birds.

The Door Watcher

The parts involved in this piece will be two Neopixels, one arduino, a pir sensor and an FX sound board. I am trying to develop some rough code for this arduino. Below is my latest version. As I am yet to test it with my technology, I do not know how it will run but I have managed to make sure there are no compiling errors. Well continue to edit as I research more into how the sound board works. I have also decided that the neopixels will be the creatures eyes and I would like this bird to be of a more 3D shape rather then a 2D one like the shadow birds. The idea is that bird would sit somewhere in the room and when the door is opened, it would make a short noise and its eyes would light up. I do not know what material this Bird will be yet but I am considering making it out of foam and then painting it. I will experiment with other materials once I am back in the lab. For the code below I read and attempted to understand the code from the following post:


The Shadow Birds

After some experimenting last week, I have decided that the shadow birds will have three neopixels each to create the full effect and that bird will be made out of acrylic to allow for light to shine through. I have modified my last piece of code to accommodate for three neopixels. I will be testing this code to create enough for one bird to show off during my supervisor meeting next week. Here is the code for three neopixels.



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