Basic Full Circuit

After being unable to access the lab up until today, I managed to use the code from the last post and create the first basic circuit for the Door Watcher. This circuit involves one neopixel, a sound fx board, arduino and a PIR sensor. The goal for this week was to get this circuit working. After some modifications, I successfully created this circuit. I did have to edit the code slightly, but I now have a better understanding of how the sound board works. There was one problem with the circuit, as there was a delay between when the motion is detected and when it is played. I spent time trying to work out how to fix this, but I was unable to find a solution to it.  Overall, I have a working version and as this is my first attempt; I am pretty happy with the results.


20150818_160523 20150818_160522 20150818_160529 20150818_160533 20150818_160535

I also will create a post tomorrow detailing the rough shape of the door watcher as I have booked to spend some time with the lazer cutter and in the manufacturing space tomorrow. I will have further details including some drafts of the pieces tomorrow.


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