Creating the Door Watcher and cutting the mini birds

Today I spoke to my supervisor and created some lazer cut Kookaburras to be used with the Neopixels.

20150819_142340 20150819_142329 20150819_14233020150819_142336

These birds are made of different types of acrylic, as I wanted to test which sort worked the best with the Neopixels. I also wanted to have a go at creating some other bird shapes like the Door Watcher out of the form material. After trying to create an Owl and Cockatoo for a bit, I found I did not like the silhouette as much as I did in the acrylic.

20150819_142334 20150819_142344

This has got me thinking about possibly using a 3D printed model of an owl or Cockatoo and having the neopixel eyes sitting in the model. I am thinking something in this sort of shape.


I also would like to further develop the circuit seen in the previous post as now that I have reached that milestone, I would like to make it more interactive. I am also keen on expanding on an idea that my supervisor mentioned in the form of an interactive activity. Something similar to a tap the bird game based on the users interaction with the glass and birds. I will continue to explore this idea with the Photocell sensor and seeing if I can create some sort of interaction through the glass.


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