Weekly Update

So over the past week, I have been testing the amount of parts I can use in combination with the arduino without causing a delay. I have so far manged to have it working with 3 sensors and multiple Neopixels. At the moment, I have been adjusting the sensitivity of the sensors to see how quickly they respond to the placing of a hand over the light sensor.

20150826_165122 20150902_151944 20150902_160901 20150902_160902 20150902_160928 20150902_161747 20150902_161750


I like the effect that the Neopixels had under the acrylic. I am going to create a larger test panel of acrylic to test the neopixels under. Below I have created an image of the what the shapes on the acrylic will look like. I also added more texture to my shadow birds, as I would think this detail will show up well with the neopixels.

Birds on the Wire-2


Tomorrow, I will get my acrylic laser cut and will have some shapes to place on the glass.


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