Weekly Update

This week I focused on soldering the parts together for kits.

The first soldering that was completed on the shadow birds. This took a little while, as I was trying to work out what was the best way to minimize wires while making sure it reached the parts of the birds. I have yet to test it with the Arduino, but I think it will work fine.

After receiving my laser cutting and testing it with the wires, two things became clear. The first that the laser cutting I had done was far too small for the wires and the actual glass. To fix this, next week I will do a new laser cutting with a larger piece. Each bird will be about 10cm tall plus the space in between.

20150918_153733 20150918_153946 20150918_153952

The pattern is quite nice and I do like the shape. I do not like how the wires are able to be seen through the clear acrylic. This can be fixed by either doing the full area in a less transparent piece of acrylic or just having the birds in the white. I am thinking I will try the larger version in a less transparent version just to see the difference. I will send this design to get cut tomorrow, so I then can try it out with the wires that I have soldered.

I have also started to solder the owl parts. I will 3D print the parts this week to hopefully assemble these parts by the end of the week.


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