Update for the 21st-25th

During this week

  • I completed my soldering on the Shadows birds. This was to attach the wires to allow for further prototyping with the Arduino. I also completed my soldering on the PIR sensor wires.


  • I created and soldered my own microcontroller. This will allow me to program it and be used in this project. I was extremely happy with the result, as I had never surface mounted soldered before and I was successful at my first attempt. I have not integrated this part yet into my circuit, but I will do so probably in the next week or two. I will have to find a USB to connection for it as it did not come with one.

20150925_162454 20150925_162445

  • I also got a larger copy of the laser cutting. This was a much nicer size and I really liked the ability to see the detail more clearly. I still think the transparent does not work but I am talking to J block about the possibility of making it less transparent.20150918_154030
  • After thinking about it, I do not think that a 3D printed owl will provide me with the outcome I am looking for. I think it will be incredibly labor intensive for an average looking piece. Next week, I will research other options including the idea of buying a pre-made owl.

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