Update for the Week stating the 5th of October

So last week, I had another look at my soldering work. While the pieces worked, I realise that I have to undo all my previous soldering work. This set my goal back and I have now pushed it back further. I redid my soldering and split the photocells sensors. I also ran into the problem of running out of Neopixels. This prevented me from finishing my soldering work and completing my goal.

20150930_160649 20150930_160648 20150930_160646 20150930_160645 20150930_160642 20150930_160639

This week while I wanted to focus on trying to get everything else finished, while I located the Neopixels. This involved updating my code to reflect the splitting of the shadow birds and working out the placing of the acrylic on the glass. I also managed to discuss my progress with my supervisor, this was helpful as they provided answers in relation to how I might get more Neopixels. I will hopefully be able to get more Neopixels before the week is over. I am also planning on visiting Bunnings this week to find an owl. Before I take this step, I would like to focus on finishing the shadows birds.

During the week, I collected more neopixels and then soldered them together. After having a discussion with my supervisor, it was revealed that two separate strands of neopixels will not work on one arduino. So I have decided to fix this by how I solder wires. I could also split it up into three parts, but I feel that would just make the job more bulky and harder. While the wires will be longer, I feel that this is a better way then splitting the design up further.

20151007_145433 20151007_145431 20151007_145429 20151007_145430

The design of the laser cut shadow birds, will also be happening in the next couple of days as I trace the outline of another common Australian bird. This design will be laser cut on Monday and will be sand blasted to create a slightly frosted effect without becoming as dense as the other pieces.


I will also be positioning the neopixels onto the acrylic and testing them. By the end of next week, I will have the shadow birds finished.SupriseBird


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