Travel – Day 2

This was our first day of actually doing things on the tour. In the morning we visited the Hollywood walk of fame and did a lot of the tourist parts within this area.

20151110_093718 20151110_085452

We visited stores such as El Capitan and saw a movie premier being set up within the Chinese Theater. This was a great experience because we were able to see the theater in action and also visit the very famous Disney theater. It is incredibly interesting to see a lot of these places in real life especially after hearing and seeing so much about them. In some of these areas, it was very tourist based and it seemed like everything looked a bit run down. But I still enjoyed this part of the tour and I am glad I was able to go and see it.

20151110_111301 20151110_105414

I also got to experience public transport within Los Angeles. This was a much smoother process then I expected and we were guided by some very helpful Americans.

In the afternoon, we caught an Uber out to Warner Brothers to be apart of a live studio audience for Conan. This was a fantastic experience as it gave us a look behind the scenes of a television show. It was a great chance to understand the amount and effort that goes into preparing and shooting a show. This also gave me a chance to observe how a shot is made and what works and what doesn’t. I really enjoyed the show and being able to see how the stars responded to a live audience was something I had never seen before.

20151110_113231 20151110_134717 20151110_131737 20151110_155635

After viewing the show and experiencing Warner Brothers studio, it has increased my interest in learning more about how film studios are run. While it has assured me that film and directing are not areas of interest to me; I am definitely enjoying seeing them in action.


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