Travel – Day 3

On day 3, myself along with two other students went to the Paramount VIP tour. This was a fantastic opportunity and provided a great way to view how tv shows and movies were created. During this tour, we discussed famous movies and tv shows produced by the company, while also being shown the history of the company. This was a very informative session with a large amount of the time being dedicated to focusing on how the many parts of Paramount Studios work together to create the product from start to finish. It was a great way to see a lot of the famous scenes recreated in their cityscape; and also a fantastic opportunity to see how long it takes to dress a scene.


This was also a great opportunity to see how a lot of the signs and props were created. I really enjoyed this part; as our tour guide explained the full process and showed us a lot of examples from this area. He explained that tv shows and movies were allowed to show things which had at least 20% changed. I thought this was very interesting and I can imagine it has lead to some very funny logos.



After finishing the tour later, I spent the rest of the evening with the group as we explored the Griffith Observatory. This was a great way to build relationships with the rest of the people on the study tour and all of us had a fantastic time attending a show and traveling together. We then went and had dinner after arriving home; with all of us collapsing soon after from this exhausting day.


I really enjoyed this day, as I found it was a fantastic experience in team building and also learning more about the culture of Los Angeles. I had some fantastic interactions with locals today, ranging from discussions with my tour guide about what food as an Australian I should experience to great places to eat in Los Angeles from my Uber driver. These conversations provided a greater insight into what Los Angeles is really like. I am always interested in having these conversations as I think they provide an insight which is not often seen as Tourists. Overall so far, I am really enjoying my trip and I cannot wait to experience more of Los Angeles.


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