Day 4-Travel

On the fourth day of the tour, we had been booked into a Calarts tour. We arrived early in the morning, ready to explore this famous art school. The California Art Institute has a history of training Disney and Pixar Animators in 2D animation along with focusing on traditional drawing skills. This campus tour provided an interesting look into how the campus is run and the students are pushed to create the best work possible.


While I enjoyed the tour, I found the campus and information session very full on. I also found the study structure very focused on your one area. I thought this was interesting as most artists including myself like to be apart of multiple different areas. So the program at CalArts where you are unable to mix mediums and choose many areas; would not suit my style at all. While I admire the high quality of work that is seen here, and the large amount of dedication; the students have towards their art. I can also see that there is not a really healthy balance between life and study here. I feel if I did choose to do more study; I would like to do it in a place where I feel supported. This I did not feel from CalArts.


After my tour, I was fairly exhausted so I traveled home and went shopping for some basic supplies at the local Kmart. This was a great experience to get used to the culture of America. As while this is a very menial task, it also proved a very interesting challenge in trying to navigate to this place along with buying and transporting items from the store to the hostel. I enjoyed this challenge and felt that it provided a great way to learn a little more about the city I am living in.


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