Day 5 – Travel

On day 5 of this tour, I attended a tour of the Gnomon Visual Effects School. This tour had been organized by one of the fellow students and I was invited to come along. I found this tour really interesting as it gave me a chance to see how they studied Visual Effects. As Visual Effects is my area of interest in Animation, this school was fascinating and it gave me a really great idea of how they studied this area here. Throughout the tour, I felt the students were a lot more healthy and happier then the other school I had previously visited. I thought this school was really lovely and it looked like a fantastic place to study. I also thought this tour was great because it also gave me a chance to view the Z Brush headquarters. The gallery which was adjacent to this place, was also amazing and provided a fantastic place for inspiration.


In the second half of the day, we took the Warner Brothers tour. This tour provided a great insight into how Warner Brothers studio creates their shows. I really enjoyed how interactive the tour was especially when it came to the green screen and towards the end of the tour. I also really enjoyed learning more about each process such as screen writing and casting. I thought this increased my knowledge about this process and will assist in the future when it comes to working in this industry.



I really enjoyed this day, as it was not only a lot of fun but it provided a great insight into the animation and film industry. I loved the Gnomon school and if I had the money and time; I would apply to study here. But at the moment, I would prefer to focus on improving my skills in my own time and then coming back in a few years or so.



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