Day 6 – Travel

On day six, our head of the tour had organized a surprise outing for us. We were told to meet at a specific time at Pershing square. A lot of us were confused and unsure about this development; after waiting we discovered that he had organized an Amazing Race around Los Angeles for our group. I thought this was a great way to explore Los Angeles and we ended up having a lot of fun. We got to explore many different areas such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Hollywood Boulevard and Olvera Street.



This was a great way to experience Los Angeles and I really enjoyed the Amazing Race idea. While it was very exhausting I enjoyed this unique way to experience Los Angeles. This also provided a nice way to visit some places I hadn’t thought to visit yet. I had heard about Olvera Street but until now had not had time to visit it. This day provided a great chance to go there and experience it, while doing this fun activity. I also enjoyed getting to work with my fellow students more, it was a great team building exercise and allowed us to get to know each other better. Probably the only bad bit about the day was the fact that we got stuck a couple of times which lead to our team being very slow. It also was a very long day, and after doing this all day long; not many of us felt like taking the challenge further than 8 hours. In the future, I would recommend making the race a bit shorter in case teams get lost. Overall it was a fun day that provided a great surprise and was a lot of fun.




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