Day 8 – Travel

On this day, we ended up doing a tour of the University of Southern California, exploring the science center and having dinner in Little Tokyo.

Our day started off with going to the University of Southern California. This was a great way to see a traditional American university. They showed us around the film department and  gave us a campus tour. I found it very interesting to see such a stereotypical depiction of a university, especially one that I have seen repeated in multiple different films and television shows.  It was great to wonder around and see all the different people who had invested back into this university.


While I do not consider this university an actual possibility for me, it was still a great experience and one which I am very glad I had. The next place we decided to visit was the California Science Centre. This was a free museum, only a short walk away from where the university tour was held. I really enjoyed this activity as I found it was a lot of fun. One of the highlights was seeing the explorer shuttle up close. I had previously seen Atlantis land but I had never seen them this close before. While the science centre does not impact my future or anything like that, it was certainly a great way to have some fun.


Our finale stop for the day was Little Tokyo. We had originally planned to arrive and go to the Japanese American National Museum. This plan did not work out as it was shut when we arrived. To counter this, our group decided to do some late night shopping. This was a lot of fun and we ended up having dinner in the local area.


This day was great to learn more about the history of LA and its culture. I am still really enjoying the tour and I am looking forward to exploring even more.


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