Day 9

On day 9 of the tour, our group attended a movement workshop held by Lorin Eric Salm. He was traditionally trained as a mime and teaches a range of different areas these movement techniques. He teaches everyone from Actors to Animators. This session was manly focused on teaching us on how to put life into our characters. He covered a range of different topics such as Stylisation, Breathe, Character Centres, Character Posture and walks.


These topics were all really interesting. I found it was a great way to approach this topic that I had never thought about in this way. As none of us are trained actors, it certainly gave us an insight into how we might develop our characters further. I thought the workshop was incredibly helpful, and I am very keen to try and apply this technique now to my next animation.


I then went with a couple of the other girls to become part of a live studio audience. The three of us went to the filming of the show, “2 Broke Girls.” While we did not know what to expect and we did not prepare fully for it; it still was a lot of fun. I am glad that we went but I did not expect the filming to go for so long. Earlier in the tour, I went to Conan which was completed in a couple of hours. While in comparison this show, had many retaping’s and different sets to shoot on. In total we were at the studio for over 7 hours. The actual filming was very interesting as it was great to see the whole process from start to finish. I also enjoyed how willing our host was to answer questions about the process which was happening in front of us. It was a very educational experience, while also being a lot of fun.

Overall I really enjoyed this day, as while I was tired at the end of it, I also felt that I had done a lot. I enjoyed seeing how passionate these people were about making these shows. I also was incredibly lucky as I won a cupcake from the TV show.


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