Day 1- Travel – Sleep, Sleep and More Sleep

I believe seeing the sun rise is one of the most beautiful sights to see when arriving into a new country and this was the sight that greeted me; on the plane trip to America.

After arriving at the airport, we had the experience of trying to navigate one of the most famous airports in the world. We eventually all located each other and arranged a shuttle bus to take us from the airport to the hostel. After arriving and realizing we had a fair amount of time to kill before being able to check in; most of us set ourselves up and began to get to know each other. We held conversation for while before realizing that most of us were pretty dead from jet lag. To try and push through it, we went to a local place to get food. This proved a great way to get to know one another and also a lovely place to eat. After eating, most of us went back to our hostel and collapsed full of food. After arranging my timetable for the CTN expo and working out my budget for the next few days. I set out to research some of the options for things to do including checking what movies were being held at the Egyptian theater. After checking in, I had a rest and then continued to work on how I was getting to the places I wanted to visit tomorrow. After an American barbecue; full with salsa and chips, we all played a game of pool and went to bed to try and prepare ourselves for tomorrow.


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