Day 10 – Travel

On day 10 of the tour, I decided I wanted to explore the Melrose shopping area as I wanted something nice and easy to do today. I enjoyed this shopping trip as it was nice to just explore this area and take my time with learning more about Los Angeles. I managed to also go to famous places such as Pinky’s the hotdog stand. While this strip does not have much to do with animation, it is certainly a great place to see the different styles and culture of Los Angeles. I really enjoyed seeing all the different fashion looks that are found in this area. It was also great to see what sort of food is common here.


As a vegetarian, it has been really interesting so far to see how common being a vegan is here. I have really enjoyed that, as it has allowed me a lot more choice in my food. This is in comparison to Australia where the choices are a lot more limiting and finding Vegan options are often almost impossible. So far nearly every place I have been here, has had a vegetarian or vegan option. I am enjoying tasting a lot of flavours I usually would not be able to back home. For example, one of my favorite places to eat so far has been a hot dog and burger house. Traditionally this sort of place would not be able to offer a meal for me; but I have found that they have some really yummy veggie sausages and burgers. They also were able to modify every burger and hot dog on their menu to meet this standard. Back in Australia, you would be hard pushed to find a store like that. Overall this is just one of the issues I have faced while being in Los Angeles and I am happy that this study tour has disproven any per-conceived ideas I had about LA.




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