Day 11 – Travel

Today I wanted to go and explore Downtown. During this time, I headed towards one of the places that I had researched when coming to Los Angeles. I have been a massive fan of the Black Milk clothing brand for a couple of years and this was a great opportunity to see how this Australian brand had expanded to America. Black Milk has set up an LA store and I was curious to see what it was like. I was also really looking forward to exploring and talking to the locals from the store.


To get to the store, I had to use the metro which was a challenge in itself; as I had yet to fully use it to get somewhere before. I really enjoyed the challenge but found at the start, it was quite confusing. I also really enjoyed how everyone was very helpful.



When I eventually arrived at the store, I had a fantastic time talking to a couple of locals about a range of topics including places to visit in Australia and how easy it was to find vegetarian places. She then directed me to some of her favorite dining places, including an application to help me locate the closest vegetarian place. This application is incredibly helpful and has a list of fantastic places in Los Angeles. After getting to know the girls, they offered to take me on a tour of the store. This was a great experience and I loved every moment of it.


This was a great chance to see how this brand had created such a welcoming space for everyone from a variety of backgrounds. I really enjoyed seeing how this place worked with the people in this area. It was great to also see how this place functioned and how this small but dedicated team of people work.



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