Day 13- Travel

Today was the second day of the CTN expo. This was a fantastic day, as I got to attend a lot of panels and workshops all on different topics.\


These topics included sketching tips, the process for a cinematic, how to draw stylized forms and a panel focused on Laika. All of these workshops were great and gave me a fantastic chance to experience all of the different areas of the expo. The first one was focused on how to do better sketches and was demonstrated by an artist in his experience of the brush pen. This was a great demonstration and I really enjoyed listening to him as he explained his process. It also gave me a confidence boost after seeing so many fantastic artists yesterday. The next workshop I went to focused on the process that the games company Blizzard uses, to create their cinematics. This was really interesting to hear as it allowed me a glimpse into the amount of time and effort that goes into creating these pieces. I really enjoyed hearing each department especially their thoughts about the overall process. I loved seeing how each area had come together to create a really amazing piece of work.


The next workshop had a focus on creating 3D sculpture from a 2D image. This workshop had a large focus on how to break up the human anatomy and the form of any creature to create a 3D model. I thought this was a great workshop, as someone who often uses ZBrush; this was a great workshop to update my knowledge in this area. While this panel was not as engaging as the others I had attended today, it still was a great one to learn some new skills with. My last workshop for the day, was a presentation by the Laika studio. This particular studio is famous for their combination of puppets, stop motion and use of technology. I have been a massive fan of this studio for years; so to see them present was an amazing experience. Today, this was my favorite presentation as it touched on all of their films and the process they go through to create them.



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