Day 14 – Finale Day

Today was the last day of the CTN expo and also the last day of the tour.


I just wanted to take it easy today, with nearly all of my panels being yesterday. So today was mostly spent focusing on buying things and attending any panels I missed previously. My favourite panel today was a  workshop presented by Industrial Light and Magic. This panel focused on creating visual effects for many of the larger films for the past 20 years or so. I thought it was a really interesting discussion held by the artist. While it was not a practical demonstration like some of the others have been so far, it was still great to see concept art for a lot of big films like Star Wars. He also took on a virtual tour of the studio, which was great to see.

20151122_103409 20151122_100107

I have had some fantastic experiences, made some great new friends and had a fantastic experience on this tour. I have learnt more about the animation industry, myself and how to experience and travel in a new city like Los Angeles. This city has been an amazing place to discover the animation industry with its unique culture and studio connections. West Hollywood was a great place to stay with the advantage of being close to everything and being able to experience many of the classic landmarks that we have seen on television and in movies. I really enjoyed being able to visit places such as the Chinese Theatre and Hollywood Boulevard. I had seen these places in movies as a child but could never imagine one day that I would see them in real life. I have had experiences I will never forget and I cannot express the excitement that I feel knowing now I have this better understanding of the animation industry and of my interest in the area.


20151122_115045 20151122_114943


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