One thought on “Weekly Blog Posts

  1. mkroes says:

    Hi, I enjoyed reading your post. I found it really interesting that you described the same trap I tend to fall into, being a spectator and not an active contributer. I liked your writing style and the movie references kept it interesting and funny. I really liked your use of gifs in this post. But I think you might be able to improve your referencing for them a bit.

    On the IAB260 blog under the week 2 > blogging section there are notes on referencing for the blogosphere. It suggests changing a small line of text from your quote into a hyperlink. I understand that you are referencing images and not text but perhaps you could add an small underneath the images? I think it would streamline your post a lot.

    Overall though, I think it’s a great start and I wish you luck finding your own personal online space.

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